Middle Caicos

The largest of the islands, Middle Caicos is 48 square miles of natural beauty. There are 3 settlements on the island, Conch Bar, Bambarra and Lorimers with a population of about 275. The coastline around ‘Middle’ is more dramatic than that of the other islands; especially on the north shore, where there are limestone cliffs with long sandy beaches. The south is dominated by swampland and tidal flats which almost covers half the island.





Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos Attraction
Mudjin Harbour, one of the most picturesque places in Turks and Caicos.

The island is green and ideal for agriculture. Middle Caicos is home to the largest cave network in the Bahamian Archipelago and is situated at Conch Bar. There are small but comfortable accommodations available.

Mudjin Harbour, a half-moon lagoon with in the ocean and a picturesque beach that juts out from the land to link up with an offshore cay, is a most dramatic feature. The huge limestone caves feature stalactites, stalagmites, bats, owls and salt lakes that link up with the sea, are considered to be one of the most extensive cave systems in the region. There are also the remains of huge Lucayan Indian settlements. One site excavated near Armstrong Pond in 1978 contains a Lucayan ball court, unknown elsewhere in the Lucayan islands. Artifacts recovered from the caves suggest that they were used either as shelter or sacred places.

Middle Caicos also contains ruins of Loyalist plantations such as the Haulover Plantation with ruins of chimneys and homes, and a well shaped like a horse with steps running down the walls. There is also a trail that links Middle Caicos with North Caicos during low tide you can actually walk between the two islands. The Frigate Bird colony resides on south side of the island and you will also find Flamingos, Egrets, Sand Pipers. A large blue hole just offshore in shallow water features an abundant variety of marine life. The island’s Northwest Point is a combination of beautiful inlets, marshes, mangroves and in land ponds, which serve as a haven for bird life.


Connecting flights, daily TCI Ferry service and boat charters are available, making Middle Caicos easily accessible. For adventurous travelers, car rentals are available as well as taxis and guided tours.

Middle Caicos Events


The festival is up and running from 11 am with a day full of sailboats races,
music, food, local crafts and fun for the whole family. Race classes are set by
size, and all captains are encouraged to try their hand in each class…read more

Traditional Turks & Caicos Model Sailboat Races


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